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CAUL / ASA fellowship 2015 - applications now open


CAUL and the Australian Society of Authors are pleased to announce that applications for the CAUL/ASA fellowship for 2015 are now open.  Applications must be received by the 29th of May 2015 

The fellowship has been made possible through the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund.  CAUL and the ASA expect to award the fellowship to a creative project which will  showcase university libraries’ special collections by providing artists, authors, scholars and researchers with an opportunity to work on a project that will benefit from concentrated access to at least one of these collections.   For more details  go to CAUL/ASA Fellowship 2015

Monash team wins the 2014 CAUL Achievement Award


The 2014 award recognises "a significant change to professional practice and institutional approaches for developing students’ research skills within curricula at Monash University and beyond, initiated by the exceptional leadership of the Research and Learning team of Lyn Torres (Information Research Skills Manager) and Leanne McCann (Learning Skills Manager), leaders of the Monash University Research and Learning Team - see full details in their Nomination

Keep it clever: let's not get left behind Australia.


"Our universities give us so many reasons to be proud. Not only do they deliver the highly skilled graduates our economy needs to prosper, their research and innovation has helped put Australia on the world stage"  See Universities Australia on both Twitter and Facebook

Emerald Expands Access To Business Research Across ANZ Universities


Canberra, Australia, 20 March 2015 - The Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) is pleased to announce a new agreement for Australian & New Zealand universities with global publisher, Emerald Group Publishing, for 2015-2017.


42 million books available to 1.4m ANZ university students


Australian and New Zealand university students now have access to both countries’ library collections through a ground-breaking borrowing scheme.   ULANZ launched 1 January 2013.

CAIRSS & ADT websites now incorporated into the CAUL website


Content from websites established for CAIRSS and the ADT (CAUL Australasian Institutional Repository Support Service, and the Australasian Digital Theses Program) has now been incorporated into the main CAUL website.  Both programs ran their course and have been subsumed under the Research umbrella.  For content, see:

Website homepage glitch - workaround


The website developers have been unable to correct a glitch on this homepage.  It appears not to recognise your login, it sometimes shows another user's name as being logged in, it does not run a search correctly.  To workaround these problems, please open any other page on the site to login or search.  For more information see

COAR Roadmap: Future Directions for Repository Interoperability

Author: Friedrich Summann, COAR Editorial Group with input from an international Expert Advisory Panel 10/03/2015

COAR Roadmap: Future Directions for Repository Interoperability