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24 December, 2002

20 December, 2002

19 December, 2002

  • Research Support Libraries Group (RSLG).  The four UK higher education funding bodies, in collaboration with the British Library and the national libraries of Wales and Scotland, have established a new strategic advisory group on research support libraries, chaired by Sir Brian Follett. This group will advise on the development of a national strategy to ensure that UK researchers in all disciplines have access to world class information resources. (UK)

18 December, 2002

4 December, 2002

3 December, 2002

2 December, 2002

  • Opening All Options II.  This site provides information and resources about learning disabilities (LD).  has been developed
     from funding received from the Department of Education, Science and Training(DEST) and is based on an earlier version that was developed by the Universities Disabilities Cooperative Project (NSW).  It is hosted at the University of Tasmania.  (AU)

14 November, 2002

8 November, 2002

7 November, 2002

  • D. Runner, 2001 "Electronic Reserve Developments at Deakin University" [slide presentation ] Presentation to the Academic & Research Libraries Group of the Australian Library and Information Association, 11 April 2001. Perth, Western Australia. http://www.deakin.edu.au/library//staff/publications/DonnaR/Presentation_april01/index.htm
  • D. Runner, J. Whiting and K. Murfitt, 2000 "Providing Accessible Information to Students with a Print Disability" [slide presentation / full paper] Conference Presentation. The Round Table on Information Access for People with a Print Disability: Surfing for Information or Missing at Sea Conference, May 21-23, 2000. Rex Hotel, Sydney, NSW. http://www.deakin.edu.au/library/staff/publications/DonnaR/print_disability/index.htm
  • "A New Model of Library Support for Off-Campus Postgraduate Research Students", by Peter Macauley and Sue McKnight, a paper presented to the Quality in Postgraduate Research - Managing the New Agenda?, National Conference, jointly presented by the University of Adelaide, Flinders University and the University of South Australia, Adelaide, 23-24 April, 1998. http://www.deakin.edu.au/library/staff/newmodelliboc.html
  • 2002, Managing Cultural Change: the challenge of merging library services, curriculum development and academic professional development, a paper presented at the 68th IFLA Council and General Conference, Glasgow, Scotland, 20 August 2002 / Sue McKnight. http://www.ifla.org/IV/ifla68/papers/123-106e.pdf
  • E. Kartus, D. Runner, and S. Clarke, 2002 "Digitisation and Copyright Compliance for Course Materials and Library Reserve Materials at Deakin University" [full paper] Conference Presentation. ALIA Distance Education Special Interest Group [DESIG] National Conference, 4-5 February 2002. Monash University, Melbourne, VIC. http://www.deakin.edu.au/library/staff/DESIG2002.htm

5 November, 2002

24 October, 2002

23 October, 2002

18 October, 2002

16 October, 2002

9 October, 2002

16 September, 2002

  • CASS - Collaborative Academic Store for Scotland. SCURL (Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries) has received funding from the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland to undertake a 6 month study from November 2001 to determine the optimal model for a collaborative storage and delivery service for valuable but low-use research materials held in Scottish university libraries. (UK)
  • Achieving equitable and appropriate outcomes: indigenous Australians in higher education. Ministerial discussion paper.  Minister for Education, Science and Training.  August 2002.  Submissions due 13 September, 2002  (AU)
    • CAUL Response, prepared by Ruth Quinn (NTU) 13 September, 2002.
  • The Big Picture:  Opportunities for potential areas for closer collaboration among the New Zealand university libraries.  A report to CONZUL and the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee.  Helen Renwick June 2002 (NZ)
  • Seizing the Moment: Scientists' Authorship Rights in the Digital Age. Prepared by Mark S. Frankel, Ph.D. July 2002.  This report is the result of a AAAS project that examined intellectual property issues associated with electronic publishing in science. The project was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. (US)

9 September, 2002

1 September, 2002

23 August, 2002

22 August, 2002

19 August, 2002

18 August, 2002

14 August, 2002

13 August, 2002

9 August, 2002

8 August, 2002

6 August, 2002

1 August, 2002

30 July, 2002

27 July, 2002

26 July, 2002

  • Public Libraries Australia website, providing an overview of the project aiming to establish a body for national representation of public libraries with the goal of promoting the interests of all public libraries in Australia and advocating on their behalf. Public Libraries Australia was previously called the Australian Public Libraries Network (APLN). (AU)

25 July, 2002

23 July, 2002

  • Project Archimedes seeks to promote equal access to information for individuals with disabilities by influencing the early design stages of tomorrow's computer-based technology. Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), Stanford University (US)

17 July, 2002

15 July, 2002

10 July, 2002

  • AVCC Library Staff Development Conference, Brisbane, 4-5 July 2002.  Selected presentations & papers.
    • Helen Hayes.  Stretching budgets creatively. Paper & Presentation.
    • Janine Schmidt.  Library Buildings in Canada.  Presentation.(2.5mb - large file)
    • Diane Costello.  Cooperative mechanisms in Canada & the US. Presentation.

25 June, 2002

  • The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education. The Observatory is a unique service: an environmental scanning facility owned by, and run for, higher education. The Observatory aims to be an efficient and cost-effective way for member institutions of the ACU and Universities UK to keep abreast of borderless developments globally. (UK)

20 June, 2002

19 June, 2002

24 May, 2002

The Commonwealth Budget 2002-2003.

15 May, 2002

10 May, 2002

2 May, 2002

12 April, 2002

10 April, 2002

21 March, 2002

19 March, 2002

  • education.gov.au - The Education Portal is the online entry point to a comprehensive array of Commonwealth Government information and services concerning all aspects and levels of education in Australia. (AU)
  • Higher Ed Systems - a wholly owned, not-for-profit subsidary of the Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee.  (AU)

26 February, 2002

25 February, 2002

14 February, 2002

11 February, 2002