External Links Monday, 3 May 2010

The CAUL Office publishes details of Australian and international conferences, reports and project documents to assist members to keep informed of the latest developments in higher education, libraries and information services.  It provides links to external organisations relevant to libraries, higher education and research, both within Australian and internationally.

The "What's New" page provides a day-by-day account of new publications and organisations, and other news and events.

Other organisations of relevance to CAUL and its members are included in the following:

DEST SII Projects

Electronic Information Providers (publishers, distributors, agents, etc)

Research Reports and Projects

Services to Libraries (Cataloguing, Acquisitions, Building Projects & Plans, Directory of Consultants, etc)

Internet resources

Directory of Staff Directories in Australian Universities (in process @ 8/3/10)

Directory of Australian University Committees/Councils of Deans/Chairs/Heads of Departments (in process @ 8/3/10)

Search Tools (web-crawlers, search engines, etc)

Directories (lists of lists)

News Services (general and education)

Publishing (mainly print)