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EMBO announces the launch of EMBO Press

HEIDELBERG, 29 October 2013 – EMBO today announced that it will launch EMBO Press on December 15. EMBO Press is a new publishing platform for The EMBO Journal, EMBO reports, Molecular Systems Biology and EMBO Molecular Medicine that provides opportunities for the future development of the journals. The announcement coincides with an expanded publishing agreement with Wiley and a new partnership with HighWire Press of Stanford University that come into immediate effect.

EMBO announces the launch of EMBO Press

Polar Research transfer from WB to open access in 2011

Transferring Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell Transferring Publisher contact name: Sarah Burrows Transferring Publisher contact email: sburrows@wiley.com Society (if applicable): Journal Title: Polar Research ISSN: eISSN 1751-8369, pISSN 0800-0395 Receiving Publisher: Co-Action Publishing Receiving Publisher contact name: Anne Bindslev Receiving Publisher contact email: anne.bindslev@co-action.net Effective Transfer Date: January 1st, 2011 Archival access policies: Portico and CLOCKSS (Co-Action policy) Notes on any special circumstances: The journal will be published under the Open Access model and online only as from 2011. The journal website URL will be www.polarresearch.net from 2011.

Polar Research

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Wiley Open Access

Wiley now offers a payment option to support authors affiliated with CAUL institutions who choose to publish open access articles with Wiley - see the Wiley Open Access Partners Fee Program.  Under this arrangement, the Partner pays an annual flat fee, which entitles affiliated authors to a discount on Wiley’s Article Processing Charge (APC).  (6/1/12)

Wiley Journal Collections

My Wiley Library - webpage for CAUL (1/9/16)

Wiley Online Library Journals 2017 Titles List (1/9/16)

Wiley Online Library Journals 2016 Titles List (29/10/15)

Wiley Online Library Journals 2016 Titles List (29/10/15)

Wiley Online Library Journals 2015 Titles List (20/8/14, updated 24/3/15)

Wiley Online Library Journals List 2013 (includes collection start dates & archive start/finish dates) (18/9/12)
Wiley Journals Database Titles 2013 (28/9/12)

Wiley-Blackwell 2011 titles list (31/8/10)
(includes new/transfer titles and titles not included in any collections)

2010 full titles lists (25/8/09, updated 19/2/10) NB: filter columns to see subsets of the total e.g. filter columns J-N to see only the titles in those specific collections.
2010 Wiley-Blackwell Journal Collections (current list - the latest update from WB site, 27/8/09)

Wiley-Blackwell Journals for 2009 (17/10/08)
Wiley-Blackwell 2009 price list includes all Print and Online journals published by John Wiley & Sons Inc, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Wiley-VCH GmbH, Jossey Bass and Wiley-Blackwell. (8/12/08)

Wiley Journal Changes for 2009 (6/2/09) a summary of Wiley-Blackwell journals that are either launching in 2009, or were previously available for free online access and are converting to subscription-based. Some new journals are offered under the Opt-in model, where qualified institutions can request free access for the introductory years and retain archival rights. Other new launch journals simply offer open access for all users for the first year.

Wiley 2009 Title List for CAUL package subscribers (17/2/09, updated 6/5/09, updated 25/6/09)
Wiley 2009 - New / Ceased & Transfer Title Information (31/10/08, updated 12/3/09)
Wiley 2008 & 2009 transfer titles - for separate invoicing (28/1/09)

CAUL's Titles List for 2008 (23/4/08)

Wiley-Blackwell Journal Backfile Collections

Full list of backfiles collections and titles (14/9/09)

Backfile Collection - Title List (7/3/07)
Backfile Collection - Title List (29/6/06, updated 14/9/06)
Backfile Collection - Title List (23/3/05, updated 30/11/05)

Backfile Collection - Title List (18/10/04)


Wiley 2016 Database Consortium Agreement for CAUL (1/9/16) [Members only]

Wiley Online 2015 Licence for CAUL/CEIRC (Full Database Pilot Extension, 25/5/15) [Members only] Signed Version (5/8/15) [Members only]

Wiley-Blackwell 2013-2014 Licence for CAUL (signed 31/3/13) [Members only]

Wiley-Blackwell 2010-2012 Licence  for CAUL (19/2/10) [Members only]

Online Consortium License (proposed licence, 24/12/08)

Wiley Open Access Partners Fee Contract (12/1/12)

Technical/Sales Support

For all Sales Support issues, such as order processing, journal quotations, invoice queries, Wiley Online Library queries/functionality, access & technical queries: Sachiyo Iwasaki, In-House Sales Consultant, Research, Tel: +61 3 9274 3112 (16/8/16)

For Wiley Open Access:  Eva-Maria Scheer, Senior Sales Manager, Wiley Open Access (6/1/12)

Shibboleth access with wayfless urls to Wiley e-journals (28/6/11)


1. go to www.interscience.wiley.com/customer.html
2. enter (case sensitive)  Customer ID:  xxxx  Admin Password:  xxxx
3. click on Usage Statistics
4. default view is 'usage for journals' but you can choose other products such as books etc (see instruction attached) (7/5/07)

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

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Wiley Journal Database 2016-2018 proposal for CAUL/CEIRC

Wiley Journal Database 2017 pricing for CAUL (1/9/16) [Members only]

Wiley Journal Database 2016-2018 proposal to CAUL (29/10/15) [Members only]

Wiley Journal Database 2016-2018 pricing for CAUL, includes usage data 2012-2015 (29/10/15) [Members only]

Wiley Online 2016 Consortium License (Includes as Appendix 2 the Enhanced Access License for Consortium Customers, updated 26/11/15) [Members only]

Wiley-Blackwell 2015 proposal for CAUL/CEIRC

Wiley Online Journals 2015 rollover of current CAUL agreement (12/9/14) [Members only

Wiley Online 2015 Enhanced License for Consortium Customers (20/8/14) [Members only]

Wiley-Blackwell 2013-2014 proposal for CAUL/CEIRC

Wiley Online Journals 2013-2014 proposal for CAUL  (26/7/12)  [Members only
to be read in conjunction with:
Wiley-Blackwell Journals 2013 proposed pricing (26/7/12)  [Members only
Wiley-Blackwell 2011 title-by-title usage data for CAUL/CEIRC (27/7/12)  [Members only
Wiley Online Enhanced License For Academic Customers - 2013-14 conditions in Appendix B(a) (draft 19/9/12, updated 17/11/12) [Members only]

Wiley 2013 Journals Price List (24/8/12)

Wiley Open Access

Wiley Open Access Partners Fee 2012 pricing for CAUL (12/1/12)  [Members only]

Wiley Open Access Institutional Payment Options (30/5/11)

Wiley-Blackwell 2010-2012 agreement with CAUL/CEIRC

Wiley-Blackwell 2012 pricing to upgrade the 2010 collection (13/10/11) [Members only]

Wiley-Blackwell 2012 collection upgrade titles list - 166 titles (13/10/11) [Members only]

Wiley-Blackwell 2010-2012 instructions for 2011 invoicing (31/8/10) [Members only]

Wiley-Blackwell CAUL/CEIRC proposal 2010-2012 - covering email 21/8/09, updated 27/8/09 [Members only]

Wiley-Blackwell 2010-2012 Final proposal to CAUL (27/8/09) with Cover note to CAUL (21/8/09) [Members only
Wiley-Blackwell 2010-2012 Cost estimates for all collections for all CEIRC subscribers (21/8/09)[Members only

Wiley-Blackwell 2010-2012 Preliminary proposal to CAUL (31/3/09) with CAUL report of discussions with W-B and issues for response to proposal (4/6/09) [Members only
Wiley-Blackwell 2010-2012 Revised proposal to CAUL (29/7/09) with preliminary figures (later corrected) showing difference between standard W-B pricing and CAUL pricing (27/8/09) [Members only]   

Wiley Journal Backfiles 2009 pricing for CAUL (14/9/09, updated 1/10/09))  [Members only

Wiley 2007-2009 agreement with CAUL/CEIRC.

Wiley 2007-2009 renewal proposal for CAUL (21/3/06, finalised 27/6/06)  [Members only
Wiley 2007-2009 Renewal questionnaire (7/7/06)  [Members only
Wiley 2007-2009 Enhanced Access License for Wiley InterScience Consortium Customers [CAUL]  (28/9/06)  See Also explanation of some items (13/10/06) [Members only

Opt-in/Opt-out Journal FAQ’s for Customers (received 18/7/06)  [Members only
2006 startup journals - CEIRC institutions' decisions (4/4/06, updated 5/9/06)

Pricing for new (startups to 2005) titles for the consortium in 2006 (15/2/06, updated 6/3/06) & the invoice spreadsheet (8/3/06)  [Members only
Wiley Invoice Spreadsheet (24/11/04)  [Members only
New titles in Wiley InterScience since 2001 with no active CAUL subscriptions (24/11/04)

Wiley 2004-2006 agreement with CAUL/CEIRC.

CEIRC Renewal Proposal 2004-2006 (27/5/03) & Payment options (12/8/03)  [Members only
Request for quotation (email to Eva Scheer by 30/6/03)
License Template (2/6/03) License (17/12/03)
CEIRC license - 1 January 2001 to 31 December 2003  [Members only
Revised offer to CEIRC - 7 June, 2000 [Members only

Wiley Journal Backfiles Offer to CAUL (7/3/07)  [Members only
Wiley Journal Backfiles Offer to CAUL (28/6/06, updated 14/9/06, updated 7/3/07))  [Members only
Wiley Journal Backfiles Offer to CAUL (updated 16/3/05, updated 29/7/05, updated 25/8/05, updated 30/11/05) [Members only

Wiley Journals Invoice details for 'new' titles 2001-2005  (2/2/09)  [Members only]  

Wiley Journals Invoice details for 'new' titles 2001-2005  (8/4/08)  [Members only

Following consultation with members in May/June 2007, it was determined that the 2001-2005 new/transfer titles will continue to be included in the CAUL package, and members  will be invoiced annually for their share.  Any 2006+ new/transfer titles that did not have a previous subscription history within CEIRC will not be included in the package.  If you wish to subscribe, you should do this directly with Wiley.  Those titles that do have a subscription history will have been included automatically in the group's package. (4/7/07)