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ProQuest Acquires SIPX

ANN ARBOR, MI, April 8, 2015 – ProQuest (through its affiliate Bowker) has acquired Palo Alto-based SIPX, creator of a unique digital course materials solution that addresses a variety of copyright and costs concerns for universities.

ProQuest Acquires SIPX

ProQuest to Acquire EBL

ProQuest is pleased to announce that on January 18, 2013 we signed a definitive agreement to acquire Ebook Library (EBL), which will significantly expand our e-book delivery and aggregation capabilities to libraries globally.

ProQuest Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire EBL

ProQuest acquires ebrary

ANN ARBOR, Mich., January 6, 2011 - As its content-unifying new search platform rolls out to libraries around the world, ProQuest has acquired acclaimed e-book pioneer ebrary, setting the stage for significant acceleration of the process of serious research. ....

ProQuest acquires ebrary

Sale of CIS and UPA imprints and related databases to ProQuest

November 2010 Sale of CIS and UPA imprints and related databases to ProQuest (1/12/10)

Frequently Asked Questions

Bepress to purchase ownership of Digital Commons

Berkeley, CA - August 10, 2007 - ProQuest and The Berkeley Electronic Press ("bepress") today announced that they have reached an agreement for bepress to purchase ownership of Digital Commons, the world's leading hosted institutional repository solution. Bepress will be adding sales and marketing staff and augmenting its existing customer support and services in addition to the hosting and technology services that it has always provided Digital Commons customers.

This page is primarily for the information of CAUL/CEIRC members who wish to subscribe to this publisher's products and/or services.  It provides information about offers to CAUL and CAUL-specific pricing, and links to relevant pages on the publisher's own web site.  For other information, please go directly to ProQuest Information and Learning.

(formerly Bell & Howell)
Chadwyck-Healey and UMI


See also Offers to CAUL/CEIRC - Licences - Technical/Sales Support - Statistics

ProQuest ® 5000

ProQuest Title Lists
ANZ Newsstand Title List
Title Lists for ProQuest® Databases- ProQuest® online, ProQuest® CD-ROM, and Database Licensing products
PQD5000 International with content
PQD5000 International Title changes
Title list by subject (16 November 2000)
ARL Title changes since Jan99
ABI Title changes since Jan99


Electronic products license agreement (5/9/08) [Members only]
Perpetual Archive License Addendum (6/9/08)
Electronic products license agreement (9/7/01) [Members only]
Inter-Library Loan Provisions (June, 2001) [Members only]
Fair use and photocopying provisions of the copyright law and the use of the ProQuest® line of electronic products (BHIL, September 1998)

Technical/Sales Support

Sales Support: Amanda Healy, Director of Sales, Asia Pacific, ProQuest Workflow Solutions. Tel: +61 414 355 845 (10/7/15)

To contact your Sales Representative for further details please email (25/10/12)

Technical Contact: Electronic Technical Support Consultant ProQuest 789 E. Eisenhower Parkway, P.O. Box 1346  Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106-1346 Phone +1-734-761-4700, ext. 2513 or +1-800-889-3358
ProQuest Customer Training Webpage
User guides for the ProQuest interface are now available in print and electronic formats. Contact (23/3/05)


CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members-only documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.


For offers to CEIRC, see the ebrary page (25/10/12)

ERA (Electronic Resources Australia) - ProQuest-CSA offer

Head Deed, Schedule 3: includes pricing for universities and TAFEs (10/5/07) [Members only]

ProQuest Offers to CAUL

ProQuest CEIRC-wide offers for 2009 subscription year (5/5/08, updated 6/9/08) [Members only]
ProQuest letter  to individual members (template) re PQ5000 and associated offers (8/9/08) [Members only]

ProQuest Aggregated Collections - CEIRC Offer - 2008 subscription year (25/6/07) [Members only]
ProQuest Aggregated Collections - Product and Platform Information (29/6/07) [Members only]
FAQ (4/7/07, to be updated as further questions arise) [Members only]
Social Science Journals is a subset of the Academic Research Library - the package has 49 unique titles (28/6/07)
Comparison between ABI/INFORM Complete and ABI/INFORM Global (29/6/07)
ProQuest Additional Offers for CEIRC for 2008 (9/7/07, updated 27/8/07) [Members only]

ProQuest offer to CEIRC for aggregated collections for 2007 - including ProQuest5000 (27/7/06, Appendices added 8/8/06) [Members only]
Appendix A - Complete list of CAL titles, now available in ProQuest 5000.
ProQuest’s Agreement with the Copyright Agency Limited
In the CEIRC ProQuest 2006 proposal, we announced a collaborative agreement with Australia’s Copyright Agency Limited.  The purpose of the agreement, which was largely driven by client demand, was to secure high quality Australian journal content for ProQuest’s premium databases.  From August 2006, current ProQuest subscribers will begin to see key Australian titles load into a range of ProQuest 5000 collections.
Appendix B - Outlines key Health & Medical titles.
Appendix C - Outlines key Social Sciences titles.
Spreadsheet for Model 1 and Model 2 - 2007 (27/7/06) [Members only]
Spreadsheet of ProQuest5000 usage 2005-2006 (27/7/06) [Members only]
ProQuest Consortium Purchase Working Party 2 June 2006 Results and Recommendations - Martin Borchert (2/6/06) [Members only]
ProQuest Additional Offers At A Glance for 2007 (16/6/06)
Health Bundle - Offer for 2007 to non-PQ5000 subscribers (13/11/06)
Early close offer - extra discount if ordered before 31/7/06 (27/6/06) [Members only]
Full Document - Additional Offers to CEIRC for 2007 (16/6/06) [Members only]
Discipline-based sections contained in the full document above:
Music, Film and Performing Arts (16/6/06) [Members only]
Literature (16/6/06) [Members only]
Information Management Solutions (16/6/06) [Members only]
History (16/6/06) [Members only]
Dissertations (16/6/06) [Members only]
ProQuest Newspaper Services (16/6/06) [Members only]

ProQuest 5000 offer to CEIRC 2006 subscription year (14/6/05) [Members only]
Use analysis - ProQuest5000 - 2001-2005 (8/7/05, updated 19/7/05) [Members only]
Use analysis - all ProQuest - 2004-2005 (19/7/05) [Members only]
Cost allocation spreadsheet, based on potential 2006 subscribers (11/7/05) [Members only]
Additional Offers to CEIRC June 2005 (1/6/05) [Members only]

ProQuest 5000™ Renewal Proposal to CEIRC - Calendar Year 2005 (7/9/04) [Members only]
CBCA Education and CBCA Business from ProQuest (offer to non-PQ5000 subscribers, 20/10/04)
Cost allocation spreadsheet, based on potential 2005 subscribers (30/9/04) [Members only]
Cost allocation spreadsheet, based on 2004 subscribers (7/9/04) [Members only]
Pricing for ProQuest 5000 sub-sets, for individual subscribers (7/9/04) [Members only]
Titles lists - complete & ANZ titles only (7/9/04)
Use analysis - All participants - 2001-2004 (30/8/04) [Members only]

ProQuest 5000™ Renewal Proposal to CEIRC - Calendar Year 2004 (10/9/03) [Members only]
2004 CEIRC Pricing Spreadsheet (based on Model 8) (10/9/03) [Members only]
Use analysis - All participants - 2001-2002 (Appendix 3) (10/9/03) [Members only]
Use analysis - All participants - Jan-June - 2002 vs 2003 (Appendix 4) (10/9/03) [Members only]
Price history 2001-2004 (Appendix 5) (10/9/03) [Members only]
PQ5000 List prices 2004 (Appendix 6) (10/9/03)
Additional content for 2004 (Appendix 1) (10/9/03)
What's new in PQNext? (Appendix 2) (10/9/03)
Cost-sharing Options for ProQuest 5000 Subscribers for 2004 - developed by CEIRC Working Group, 19/5/03. [Members only]
Model 8 ("Current Contents" model, tiered approach) (3/7/03) [Members only]
Appendix 3 - Sub-set use in 2001 (10/9/03) [Members only]
Members' preferences for specific models (2/9/03) [Members only]

Offer to CEIRC for 2003 - ProQuest 5000 (6/8/02, offer closes 30/9/02) [Members only]
Presentation from CEIRC Roadshow (13/8/02) [Members only]
Usage data Jan-May 2001 and Jan-May 2002
- in order of the number of units purchased in 2002 (12/8/02) [Members only]
- in order of the usage per unit purchased in 2002 (12/8/02) [Members only]
Ongoing summary of responses received (21/10/02) [Members only]

Documentation for CEIRC meeting scheduled for June 27, 2002 (11/7/02) [Members only]
"This document is intended to provide background detail to the CEIRC committee (and datasets members) to enable informed decisions to be made regarding both the structure and nature of price proposal requested from ProQuest for the 2003 subscription year renewal, and to perhaps provide input to the model of intra-consortium cost distribution."
Appendix 1 - Use Analysis in 2001 (11/7/02) [Members only]
Appendix 2 - Usage - Jan-May 2001 and Jan-May 2002 (11/7/02) [Members only]
Appendix 3 - Sub-set use in 2001 (11/7/02) [Members only]
ProQuest in 2002: ProQuest Content and Competitive Analysis & ProQuest Interface Enhancements - Presentation by Dave Ericksen, Director, International Channel Sales (NB: zipped file - very large - 6mb!) (25/6/02) [Members only]

Proquest 5000 Revised Renewal Offer to CEIRC (received 13/8/01, offer closes 15/9/01) [Members only]
Summary of CEIRC bids (finalised 15/9/01) [Members only]
ProQuest 5000 Renewal Offer to CEIRC: January – December 2002  (offer received 5/7/01, closes 31/10/01) [Members only]
[CEIRC statistics Jan-May 00 & Jan-May 01] (5/7/01) [Members only]
Campbell pricing model (the impact that a model based on use could have on the current cost distribution) (18/7/01) [Members only]
Renison pricing model (1/3 equal, 1/3 fte, 1/3 use) (27/8/01) [Members only]
Bedson pricing model:   (Base cost of 2 units) + (usage calculation) + (eftsu calculation) (27/8/01) [Members only]

Usage calculation = usage Jan-May01 X .001%
Eftsu calculation = eftsus X .01%
ProQuest 5000 Additional Member Proposal: January – December 2002  (offer received 5/7/01, closes 31/10/01) [Members only
ProQuest 5000 International - Offer to CEIRC, July 2000 (11/7/00)

Note: This page is still being updated. See for all previous offers (25/10/12)