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Oxford Journals Prices and Ordering (standard)

Oxford Journals 2015 titles list, includes new/changes to list (18/7/14, updated 23/5/15)

Oxford Journals 2014 titles list (13/6/13)

Oxford Journals price list for 2013 (25/2/13)

From 2008 customers outside Europe and North America will be invoiced in sterling. If any of these customers would prefer to pay in US dollars they will need to ensure that payments are converted from the sterling price using the current exchange rates.  (Oxford Journals Update Issue 1 2007 - size 4.3mb)

Oxford Journals 2012 titles lists (26/6/11)

Oxford Open

Oxford Open Pricing - "In keeping with our pricing policy, for 2009 we have again made adjustments to online-only subscription prices for journals that offer the optional Oxford Open model. These changes reflect the amount of open access versus non-open access content published within each journal during 2007, and have resulted in some Oxford Open journals experiencing a price reduction to the online-only subscription compared to 2008." (7/7/09)

Oxford Journals Archives

Archive Pricing Information (12/10/09)


Oxford University Press.  Subscription and Perpetual Access Licence Agreement (Creation Date December 2014 - Version 1 of Combined Licence)

Oxford Journals 2011 Institutional Current Content Licence (Multi Site) (Annual) (standard OUP licence, 6/3/13)

Oxford Journals 2010-2011 addenda to consortium agreement (signed 3/6/11) [Members only]

Oxford Journals 2009 Consortium Agreement (Current) (Annual) (28/4/09, signed 8/12/09)  [Members only]

Request for amendments to 2009 Oxford Journals Agreement (Deakin, 30/4/09)

Note 6/11/09:  Regarding the license, perpetual access is granted to the full collection for the years in which your library participates in the agreement. It is not restricted to subscribed content. (MHowells)

OUP-CAUL agreement (licence) for 2005 (29/6/05) 
OUP-CAUL agreement for 2004 (28/2/04)  [Members only]
OUP-CAUL agreement for 2003 CAUL-OUP license v.01 (30/12/02) signed copy (10/2/03)  [Members only]

Licence Agreement for Remote Access to the Oxford Journals Archive 2008 (Full Archive) (6/12/08) 
Oxford Journals Archive - Licence for a locally loaded archive (18/11/05)  [Members only]
Oxford Journals Full Digital Archive Collection - Licence Agreement (18/11/05)  [Members only]

Technical/Sales Support

For all Oxford Products please contact your sales rep (10/7/15)

For all enquiries over print journals and any journals that fall outside the CAUL collection, please contact Jnls.Cust.Serv@oup.com (1/5/14)
Send notification of any access problems to Jnls.Consortia@oup.com (1/5/14)

Update 14/7/05: Further to our posting in June regarding the move of Oxford Journals to the new domain name, we have added some more information to our linking-in page at www.oxfordjournals.org/help/linking to help you to update your databases. Please forward this information to the relevant library contacts within your consortia:
OpenURL   Details of a mechanism for linking to Oxford Journals content using an  OpenURL 0.1 syntax is available, along with a full journal listing.
EZProxy   If your institution uses EZProxy you can download details of Oxford Journals websites for inclusion in your ezproxy.cfg file.


For online products and journals (12/8/08)

CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

See also pricing for Oxford Journals Online Archives.

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Oxford Journals 2017 pricing for CAUL (23/11/16) [Members only]

Oxford Journals 2016 pricing for CAUL (3/12/15) [Members only]

Oxford Journals 2015 pricing for CAUL (16/10/14) [Members only]
Oxford Journals 2015 institutional holdings (1/9/14)

Oxford Journals 2014 pricing for CAUL (4/3/14) [Members only]
Oxford Journals 2014 institutional holdings (updated 17/3/14)  [Members only]

Oxford Journals 2013 pricing for CAUL (20/12/12, finalised 25/2/13) [Members only

Oxford Journals 2013 takeover (& leaving) titles (30/11/12)

Oxford Journals 2012 invoicing details for CAUL (13/10/11, finalised 21/11/11) [Members only

Oxford Journals 2012 quote for CAUL (under discussion, 13/10/11, superseded by invoicing details 21/11/11) [Members only

Oxford Journals 2011 pricing for CAUL (12/10/10, updated 30/11/10) [Members only
Oxford Journals New Titles - 2011 banded pricing for current subscribers (30/11/10) [Members only]

Oxford Journals Offer to CAUL for 2010-2012 & Price quote for 2010 - including new titles (14/9/09, updated 10/12/09) [Members only
Oxford Journals Offer to CAUL for 2009 (15/8/08) [Members only
Detailed quote for CAUL for 2009 (27/8/08) Revised Quote for 2009 (21/11/08, finalised 22/12/08)  [Members only
New/transfer titles for 2009 - for holdings check (15/8/08)

Oxford Journals Offer to CAUL for 2008 (20/8/07) [Members only
Detailed quote for CAUL for 2008 (26/11/07) [Members only
2008 Oxford Journals Collection - details of titles, collections, pricing (20/8/07)

Oxford Journals Offer to CAUL for 2007 (28/8/06)  [Members only
Invoice appendix - includes 2007 title list and CEIRC subscribers (1/3/07)
Access fee variation 2003-2007 vis a vis cost of new titles (7/2/07) [Members only
Detailed quote for CAUL for 2007 (27/10/06, updated 11/12/06) [Members only

Oxford Journals Offer to CAUL for 2006 (28/9/05)  [Members only
Price quote for 2006 (28/9/05)
Explanatory information re the quote spreadsheet (28/9/05)
2005 subscriptions held by OUP-CAUL agreement participants (1/8/05)
2005 subscriptions held by those not participating in OUP-CAUL agreement (1/8/05)

Oxford Journals Trial offer for 2005 (21/6/05)<  [Members only
Oxford Journals CAUL offer for 2005 (20/8/04) [Members only
Oxford Journals Price quote for 2005 (updated version) Summary (5/11/04) [Members only
Template for reporting holdings of "new" titles (20/8/04)
Titles included in the collection, with USD pricing (20/8/04)

Oxford Journals CAUL quote for 2004 (updated version) [Members only
OUP Journal Titles (including print-only, online, and those excluded from consortial deals)
2004 further information.. (including information on New Titles) [Members only

Oxford Journals Offer to CAUL for 2003 [See also clarification of offer 21/11/02] [Members only
NB the offer is for the full corpus of online titles available to consortia, so all participating institutions will have access to all the titles listed regardless of how many institutions take up the offer.
Final pricing spreadsheet (updated 8/1/03)  Draft pricing spreadsheet. [Pricing bands / FTE updated 13/12/02]
Trials available to 31/12/02 - eoi to CAUL Office by 29/10/02 [Trial information] [Members only
Journal titles available for trial in 2002.
Titles excluded from OUP Journals Online in 2003 (updated 6/1/03)

Oxford Journals Online Archives

Oxford Journals Archive 2014 updated pricing for CAUL (4/9/14)  [Members only]

Oxford Journals Archive 2014 pricing for CAUL (18/3/14)  [Members only]

Oxford Journals Archive 2013 pricing for CAUL (published 17/3/14) [Members only]

See Upgrading the Oxford Journals Archive (titles lists, 28/3/11)

Oxford Journals Archive 2011 pricing for CAUL (28/3/11) [Members only]

Oxford Journals Archive Collections (Title lists) (26/7/05)

Oxford Journals Archive packages - 2010 pricing for supplementary sets and new purchases (31/3/10) [Members only]
Oxford Journals Archive packages - supplementary titles - pricing (23/10/09, updated 16/11/09) [Members only]
Oxford Journals Archive packages Revised proposal to CAUL 2008 (28/3/08, currency amended 25/4/08) [Members only]

Oxford Journals Digital Archive Proposal to CAUL (26/7/05) [Members only]
Oxford Journals Digital Archive Revised proposal to CAUL (13/10/05, valid at 19/12/07) [Members only]