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CAUL Pricing / Offers to CAUL/CEIRC

Members only documents may be viewed from the display at the end of this page.

Duke University Press 2015 pricing for CAUL (25/9/14) [Members only]

Duke University Press 2014 pricing for CAUL (23/10/13) [Members only]

Duke University Press 2013 pricing for CAUL (29/10/12) [Members only]

Duke University Press 2012 pricing for CAUL (1/10/11) [Members only]

DMJ 100
A customer may purchase DMJ 100 outright for $4,000 and pay an additional access/maintenance fee of $1,000 for twenty years of service (this fee, equivalent to $50 per year for twenty years, must be paid up front).  Duke University Press has extended the maintenance agreement from ten to twenty years for the one-time maintenance fee of $1,000 for the outrightpurchase model. Please see http://www.dukeupress.edu/dmj/ for more details. (6/6/08)

2011 Pricing for DMJ.
Renewal pricing for CAUL for the electronic-only format of the Duke Mathematical Journal is $1662.38 (25/8/10)
The DMJ100 subscription price is $247.00 ($260 with 5% CAUL discount) (25/8/10)
DMJ current subscribers (25/8/10) [Members only]

2010 Pricing for DMJ.
Renewal pricing for CAUL for the electronic-only format of the Duke Mathematical Journal is $1,613.63 (18/9/09)
DMJ current subscribers (18/9/09)  [Members only]
The DMJ100 subscription price has stayed the same at $243.75 ($250 with 2.5% CAUL discount) (18/9/09)

2009 Pricing for DMJ.
Renewal pricing for CAUL for the electronic-only format of the Duke Mathematical Journal is $1566.83. (6/8/08)
DMJ current subscribers (8/8/07)  [Members only]
The DMJ100 subscription price has stayed the same at $243.75 ($250 with 2.5% CAUL discount) (6/8/08)

2008 Pricing for DMJ.
Renewal pricing for CAUL for the electronic-only format of the Duke Mathematical Journal is $1521. (8/8/07)  [Members only]
DMJ subscription information (8/8/07)
The DMJ100 subscription price has stayed the same at $243.75 ($250 with 2.5% CAUL discount) (9/8/07)

2007 Pricing for DMJ.
2007 price sheet (PDF | Excel)
Our standard consortial discount is 2.5%, which we will be able to offer, ... we will no longer be able to offer 10% for renewal orders. (We do offer a one-time 10% discount for new orders.)
2007 DMJ100 information sheet

2006 Pricing for DMJ.
In regards to the discount that CAUL has been receiving on DMJ, we will be able to honor the 10% discount for this year, but since CAUL is the only consortia to take advantage of this offer, we are not sure of the future of this discount. No decisions are final, but I wanted to make you aware of the possibility as soon as possible.

2005 Pricing for DMJ.
Letter re e-only pricing for DMJ in 2005 (29/7/04)
.... 10% off the e-only price for DMJ (which would be $1238) if there are 5-10 participating institutions. .... As we roll out our comprehensive e-only package of journals in 2006, we will formally introduce a consistent consortial pricing model. In the meantime, we are honoring the Project Muse consortial discounts for our 2005 package of humanities/social science journals, and the original discount model that I presented to you for e-DMJ. (26/8/04)

2004 Pricing for DMJ.
The pricing for DMJ e-only is USD 1,147 in 2004. 

Last summer Duke University Press created and made available free to print subscribers a digital version of Duke Mathematical Journal (DMJ) (http://www.dukemathjournal.org/). We would now like to make this digital version more widely available by offering it to institutions that do not subscribe to the print version.  We have therefore developed a plan to offer it to library consortia on a discounted basis. We would appreciate your feedback on the model we have put together. We want to make sure this plan will work for you, and we would value your input, especially since we see this model as a potential prototype for Project Euclid, a joint project with Cornell University Library to put mathematical journals online.

We understand that consortia generally acquire bundles of journals to market to their constituents, but we believe that the prestige of Duke Mathematical  Journal-and the massive discounts we are offering to consortia (up to 62% off print subscription)-will make it attractive to institutions that might not otherwise have access to it.

1. Duke Mathematical Journal
2. Pricing Model
We propose an access model similar to that of Project MUSE; discounts on subscriptions to the digital version of Duke Mathematical Journal would depend on the number of subscribing institutions (and would be negotiable for small institutions). The base price for a print plus digital subscription is $1390; the base price for the digital version only is $1050. We propose the following discounts for consortial subscribers:

Number of subscribing institutions   % discount      Price
1-4                     0       $1050
5-19                    10      $945
20-39                   20      $840
40-59                   30      $735
60-99                   40      $630
100+                    50      $525

3. Bonus Volumes
Institutions that subscribe this year to the digital version of Duke Mathematical Journal will have access through the end of 2002, or two years for the price of one. At that point, we will need to re-assess the pricing structure because the journal will be housed at Project Euclid.

4. Web Site
Please, if you have a moment, check out the DMJ web site. Samples of past volumes are viewable by nonsubscribers, as is the site license. (Access to 2001 volumes is limited to subscribers who have returned the site license.)

Beginning with Volume 109, DMJ will feature a design (in pdf format) optimized for computer screen viewing, and each article will have bookmarks linked to article sections. All cross references  (to sections, equations, theorems, and citations) will be hyperlinks for quick navigation around the document. Further, the reference list at the end of each article will have links to the American Mathematical Society's MathSciNet database for each item for which there is a corresponding record. The full text for many of these citations will available with one click from the AMS page. In addition, each reference will list the pages where that reference is cited in the paper.

Because many of these features use either color or required a resizing of 'the page', the screen version is not entirely suitable for printing. A separate version for printing locally will also be available.