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Title List (25/11/15)

(Formerly Academic Charts Online (ACO) - International Popular Music)

In June 2012, ARP introduced Academic Charts Online (ACO) - International Popular Music a new and unparalleled database of popular music chart data. From the US, UK, Europe, South America and Asia, ACO delivers access to an authoritative database under exclusive academic license from Billboard, the Official Charts Company and many more. ... (5/1/13)

ACO content under license to be added (included in subscription price) (11/1/13)

Current content plus announcements of charts added quarterly are on the ACO site (11/1/13)

Video tour (5/12/13)


Academic Rights Press Ltd. 2013 Subscription Agreement (29/1/13)

Academic Rights Press Ltd. 2013 Purchase Agreement (29/1/13)

Academic Rights Press Ltd. 2013 response to CAUL survey re licence conditions (5/1/13)  [Members only

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Sales Support: Co Info Pty Ltd (5/12/13)

Contact: Ronel Schoeman, Director Library Relations, Academic Rights Press (5/12/13)

The help desk is available during office hours in the UK, 9am to 5.30pm. Email correspondence is dealt with in 24 hours. Contact information is  or the phone number +44 20 3303 0345 which is manned 24x7.  (5/1/13)

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COUNTER-compliant statistics will be available from February 2013. (5/1/13)

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Academic Rights Press Entertainment Industry Data 2016 pricing for CAUL (via Co Info, 25/11/15) [Members only]

Academic Charts Online 2014 pricing for CAUL (via Co Info, 5/12/13) [Members only

Academic Charts Online 2013 proposal for CAUL (5/1/13) [Members only

Academic Charts Online 2013 pricing for CAUL (5/1/13) [Members only

Academic Charts Online 2013 purchase pricing for CAUL (5/1/13) [Members only