CEIRC (CAUL Electronic Information Resources Consortium) Saturday, 25 August 2018

CEIRC is CAUL’s primary vehicle for relationships with vendors and publishers.  CEIRC’s terms of reference address a range of activities including collaborative purchasing of electronic information resources, licensing conditions, access issues, statistical reporting and effective negotiation. 

CEIRC’s membership also includes the 8 members of the Council of New Zealand University Librarians (CONZUL) and 17 external organisations in Australia and New Zealand.  These organisations are a combination of state and federal government departments, Australian research institutes, including CSIRO, NZ Crown Research Institutes and polytechnics, and Avondale College.

Following a review of the CEIRC program in 2007, CAUL determined that it would accept no new external participants into the program.

CEIRC currently has agreements for 239 database products with a range of 89 Australian and international publishers and information providers. The total amount spent on electronic resources in 2016 across CAUL was AU$250 million of a total of AU$305 million on all library resources.  Australian universities processed the equivalent of AU$59 million through the CAUL Office and a much greater amount facilitated by CAUL but invoiced directly via publishers and their agents.

The CEIRC Datasets Coordinators meet annually and program details are available.