CAUL Statistics Thursday, 27 February 2014

CAUL 2013 statistics now fully available for interactive retrieval

CAUL Statistics 2013 now available

CAUL Statistics are produced annually from data supplied by CAUL (and CONZUL) institutions. CAVAL has managed the collection and compilation of the data since 1992. The data were published each year as the September supplement of Australian Academic and Research Libraries until this was discontinued in 2008.

Statistics were originally published in 1953 in the "News Sheet of the University and College Libraries Section,  Library Association of Australia. Data were recorded in "The Red Book".

Current data is available both on the interactive online site, since 2004, and in spreadsheet form from 1983.  The data "for publication" excludes a range of data provided by some institutions only; this data is not considered to be benchmarkable, and hence is included as optional.

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