CAUL International Travelling Fellowship 2011-2013 Thursday, 26 January 2017

A travelling Fellowship of up to $5,000 is provided competitively each year to support overseas investigations of current issues of importance to university libraries in Australia ....

The criteria for selecting the successful application are:

a. The potential of the investigation described in the application to further the goals identified in the CAUL Strategic Plan with preference given to applications which appear likely to promote innovation.

b. Demonstrated ability of the applicant to complete the nominated investigation. Preference will be given to early to mid career librarians with the capacity to develop as leader of the profession.

c. Support from the university librarian at the applicant’s library including, where necessary, funding to cover any additional costs of the investigation.

See CITF Award 2012 conditions for travel in 2013  (9/8/12)



Kylie Nickels, Library Event Manager of the University of Melbourne, to investigate the gamut of activities involved in library engagement with its community. She will look at best practice management of these activities, methodologies to analyse performance in this area, and how models of engagement can transform relationships with Australian research libraries. (1/10/12)

CAUL International Travelling Fellowship 2013 [Report] Submitted by Kylie Nickels, University Library Event Manager, University of Melbourne (13/12/13, updated 22/1/14)


Julie Clift, Team Leader, Subscriptions, Curtin University,  to review the impact of NextGen library systems on electronic acquisition systems.  (15/9/11)

Julie reported to the CAUL Executive on 21 December 2012, Next Generation Library Management Systems and Electronic Resource Acquisitions,

and presented her findings at the CAUL Datasets Coordinators Forum, 11 February 2013.


Annie Yee, Liaison Librarian, RMIT University Library, won the fellowship for her proposal to determine the potential impact of mobile devices in academic libraries.  See  CITF 2011 report  (19/6/11)

Annie will be reporting on her findings at VALA 2012:

Annie Yee, RMIT University Library, Vic  Mobile technology: academic libraries in Australia and beyond.  Tuesday 7 February 2012 @ 10.50.  [This paper is available to registered VALA delegates from the link above, and to CAUL members from the documents listed at the end of this page.  15/2/12]

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CAUL International Travelling Fellowship (CITF)


The 2012 CAUL International Travelling Fellowship (CITF), for travel in 2013 has been awarded to Kylie Nickels, Library Event Manager at The University of Melbourne.  Kylie's proposal covers the gamut of activities involved in library engagement with its community and will take her to key libraries in the UK. See for details of the award.