CAUL Meeting 2000/1 Tuesday, 14 March 2000

University of Adelaide, 10 March, 2000

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9.00 Professor Lauchlan Chipman, Chair of AVCC Standing Committee on Information Policy & Vice-Chancellor, Central Queensland University
9.40 Reorganisation and change in university IT and information services 
Eric Wainwright, PVC (Information Technology & Services), James Cook University  
[JCU Reorganisation - ppt presentation] 
Neil Thelander, Director, Information Technology Services, Queensland University of Technology 
[QUT ITS Restructure - ppt presentation] [QUT ITS Accountabilities] [QUT ITS Client Charter] [QUT ITS Service Guarantee]
10.10 RIEFP Authentication Project 
Keith Burston, University of New South Wales
10.30-11.00 Morning tea
11.00 Operation of the Broadcasting Services Act 
Gareth Grainger, Australian Broadcasting Authority
11.30 Impact of the Broadcasting Services Act on university processes 
Kent Adams, Director, Information Technology and Resources, James Cook University 
Nick Tate, Director, Information Technology Services, University of Queensland 
Geoff Dengate, Director, Information Technology Services, Griffith University
12.00 Application of the Broadcasting Services Act, particularly in relation to under-18 students 
George McLaughlin, Executive Director, AARNet Pty Ltd